Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I wish I could describe this, writing here at my desk while a breezy spring dusk settles quietly around our quaint little house on Memory Lane.

I wish I could capture the way the wind rustles the leaves and sets the wind chimes outside my office window to a dancing and singing that calms me way deep down.

I wish I could tell how the crickets tweeping and a distant dog bark mingle with a far-off sound of a closing car door and leaves me with a feeling of being part of a community among these wide mossy trees and docks where hungry turtles await bits of bread, and the narrow lanes and little bridges where duck families crossing all in a row remind me to go slowly, always go slowly across.

I wish I could share this sense of beauty, this peace, this joy that I would love to put into words.

If only I could.


  1. Ah, but you just did. Isn't it lovely - moments like these? Love this photo...such a tranquil setting. I could camp out there for quite some time with a book, notebook, and pen.


    (PS--the comment section doesn't have a place to enter my Wordpress blog, so I can only link via Google. My blog is , though) :-) What is Open ID?

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Vicki! This photo was taken from our back yard, and it truly is a tranquil place. Thanks for linking your blog, as well. I will head over and check it out. Blessings to you! :)