Monday, October 29, 2012


To a group, who at one time would have flickered recognition.


How do I mourn you
When I refuse to believe you are dead
How do I stop remembering
The things you said
About me
As a person, a woman, a poet
How do I leave it behind

How do I stop wishing you back
Do I give up
Do I swallow hard and pack it in
Ditch the verse and grab my purse
And go
I wish I could know

Is it better to remember
And try to smile
Realize it was good for a while
Like a lover whose face I can't forget
Farewell, my dear, I'm glad you let
Me in for a time

Oh, I could probably try
To recreate you, reconstruct you
Some poor replica of your beauty
But how do you replicate perfection
Besides, it wasn't me who gave you life
I just happened by one day
And was forever changed

I can't promise to stop longing
Can't write you out of the song
That haunts me in the night
But will I be all right
When the gears rust shut
And nothing is left but