Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making Sense

“Somehow, in the midst of our mourning, 
the first steps of the dance take place.
Somehow, the cries that well up from our losses
belong to our songs of gratitude.”
--Henri Nouwen

As has become common of late, Ann's blog inspired me again this morning, her words reaching in, intriguing, drawing out wonderings and questions that delve into the mystery...for what? answers? or maybe just for thinking. Maybe it's all for the thinking and the thanking and the dawning of some semblance of sense out of things that have happened in this life.

I'm finding that more and more things make sense when I slow down to thank Him for every tiny thing. Because I'm starting to wonder if maybe the "sense" it's supposed to make isn't the kind of sense I once looked for.

I'm wondering if maybe this is yet another facet of the paradox that is God.

In my questioning, have I always wanted His answers, or what made sense to my own limited little human brain? Have I sought after His will, His plan, His unfolding of the Mystery...or just some earthly explanation that fit the mores and the preconceptions of my own finite understanding?

I cannot understand God, but I can understand that He is God and I am not.

This is important, I think.