Monday, March 14, 2011

Counting Continues (156-187)

The counting of gifts continues, never stops.

I finished the reading of One Thousand Gifts today. Well, I should say I finished the first reading. I will be going back to re-read it, likely again and again. Two more of my friends and a cousin bought a copy this week. I recommended it to another two or three who will be getting it soon. Sharing grace that was so lovingly shared with me.

156.Prayers lifted with childlike hands for His precious three-letter, thousand-gifts Ann
157. Studying in PJs
158. The doctors working on Bowen's heart
159. The finding of a friend after a 25-year search
160. Bowen's precious little heart beats strong
161. Becoming a great-aunt today
162. A message, that leads to a conviction, that spurs a plan of action, for simplifying materially
163. Dance competition checklists and growing excitement
164. A day of peace, a peaceful life
165. Tonight, after nearly six years, I meet one of my best friends in person for the first time.
166. Time with the Ortas
167. Goodie bags in guest rooms
168. Goats and horses and sour oranges in mine fields
169. Sharing truth with one who really understands
170. Homemade dark chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting, reminding me of two of my favorite bakers, Katrina and Alexandra Orta
171. Warm coffee to soothe a scratchy throat
172. Heart-shaped pizzas for beloved daughters after dance class
173. Hour-long phone conversations with beloved granddaughters sharing riddles, book recommendations, thoughts on God, musings about friendship, get-well wishes, and the victorious conquering of writing tests
174. The healing comfort of sinking into a giant pillow-top canopy bed
175. The blessing of a selfless husband
176. A daughter and a daddy and their dance
177. To so seldom be sick, and to know the joy of feeling His love and comfort when I am
178. Tissues with lotion, bestowed by a husband who cares that my nose is sore
179. Warm cocoa
180. Naps on his side of the bed because I miss him
181. Music peaceful as rain, playing on my blog in the background all day long
182. Herb Ciabatta baked in a cast iron skillet, warm from the oven
183. Good friend becoming Nana today
184. Hershey Kisses, gift of love from a friend
185. I can bless God. I can bless GOD! I can caress Him with thanks. I can make every moment love to Him.
186. Midnight reaches 'neath covers for that warm hand to hold to be sure of him

and one of my favorites in my journey of gratitude thus far

187. Ann's personal note today, a blessing that brought me to tears, and a lesson: if Ann's words mean so very much to me, how much more should His Word mean?