Monday, March 21, 2011


He's 20 today, our third son, middle child, fulcrum of the family.

Mothering him is joy.

He decided to be a home birth, and almost didn't even wait for the midwife.
I was delighted that he was here, and safe, and beautiful.

I won't ever forget the sweetness in his little-boy smile.

He gave his all to everything he did, always.

And then grinned really big when it paid off.

He has always looked for, and found, ways to serve.
When he felt God's calling on his life toward music ministry, he grabbed on and never looked back.

We've all learned much from him, all been blessed by his love and wisdom.
We praise our God for the day he was born.

Watching him grow into such a Godly young man has been a present straight from God's hand.

And I can't even imagine what amazing things God has in store for his life.
But we do know that whatever he does, 
he will be serving God and praising Him with every breath.

Thank you, God for our Moose, my Sam,
our Trevor (prudence) Joel (God will be willing).

(however that "prudence" might look at any given moment...
with him, you can never tell)

No matter what, we know that God will always be willing
to use this boy for His glory.

Happy 20th birthday, my sweet boy.

Love, Mama


  1. Beautiful words for a beautiful son Lisa ..

  2. Wow, what a beautiful post. I just found your nice!