Wednesday, March 9, 2011

His Heart

I wrote this for our 15-year-old daughter, who strives with all her heart and courage to be the girl God wants her to be. She is dedicated to that promise, but that doesn't mean life isn't hard sometimes as she wonders if someday her prince will come. These are the words I imagine he might whisper to her heart, might even now be whispering to Heaven each night while the moonlight dances across her face.

His Heart

Each morning with its new sunrise,
My young heart softly speaks your name
In a prayer-like seeking some would call
Some kind of silly children’s game.
Though it’s anything but childish
As you echo gently in my mind;
I know you’re out there somewhere
Like a precious gem for me to find.
I don’t have to know your name to know
You were created just for me,
So for now I’ll just keep waiting
For the treasure I know you to be.

I’m sure no one around can grasp
What only our Creator knows:
You are being fashioned for me,
My divinely formed and perfect rose.
The fear that someone else will come
And turn your eye and take your hand
And pluck my rose before she blooms
Is nearly more than I can stand.
I want to rush to claim you now,
But I know rushing in is wrong;
For now I know that I must trust
That God will keep you safe and strong.

I know it’s hard, my love, but please…
Our season will yet come to be.
I promise you the tears you’ve shed
Will all be worth it—wait and see.
Each moment that goes by will bring
Us closer to the day we’ll meet;
It’s hard to even dream such joy
Or guess how quickly hearts can beat.
I’m praying that somehow you know
I’m waiting for you patiently,
And I hold to the unspoken promise
You’ll keep waiting there for me.


  1. Beautiful, Lisa. Both the poem and your girl.....

  2. I agree with Ellen, Sis, just beautiful. :)