Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook (1/1)

What a blessing to participate in the Simple Woman's Daybook blogging connection.

Outside my window...the clouds sprawl grayish across the sky as far as I can see. It is my favorite kind of day, or at least it will be when the rain comes and I can hear the thunder pushing its way through the billows.

I am thinking...that my passion for writing has only grown stronger over the years, and I only see it growing stronger still in the years to come.

I am thankful husband, who last evening turned my chair to face his, placed his hands against my cheeks, and spoke softly but insistently, "I am glad you are writing again. It makes you happy, and it makes me happy."

From the learning daughter has not yet opened her math books that arrived today. Math is a struggle for her, and it makes her feel inferior. If only she could understand how genuinely gifted she is.

From the kitchen...Things have been quieter today. It will get busier later when I don my apron and start preparing our dinner of sesame ginger boneless chicken wings.

I am wearing...soft black capris, my green USF t-shirt, and sandals.

I am creating...pathways of memory to explore and then word, one by one, reaching backward to pull them forward and share them in some way with the world. Memories are stories waiting to be told.

I am going...nowhere for the remainder of the day, which means I will be at home, my favorite place in the world.

I am reading...A Writer's Book of Days. I will be reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts as soon as it arrives.

I am storms through the night.

I am hearing...the chirping of Mama's bird clock. It always reminds me of how much I wish she was still here.

Around the house...are candles of varying scents, mostly homey aromas that invite the heart to open and rest and be a child again.

One of my favorite the way my precious friends have gathered behind me in support and encouragement of my writing. It's hard to express to them the impact of their kind whispers. They can't know how much it means.

A few plans for the rest of the week: A meeting, making sure Rosie gets to and from dance rehearsals and a friend's sleepover, a trip to the meat market, maybe lunch at Brocato's, church on Sunday followed by dinner at Nana & Papa's to celebrate two of the family birthdays. It amazes me that our oldest son turns 30 next week.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Photo: I took this through a 1"-thick pane of tinted glass. I love the way it
colorizes the entire image. I didn't see a need to edit it in any way.

From my heart...

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  1. Beautiful blog and post today. This is my first visit to your place. Stormy weather inspires me to creativity, too! May the Lord bless you!